Present today!

I was absent yesterday due to scheduled monthly check-up. The last monthly check-up that me and DAnnielle had. After that, we'll be back after 2 weeks. Twice in a month til I give birth. I had my 28 lab test yesterday which took us hours to stay in the doctor's clinic or hospital. I had a bottle of glucose drink for diabetes and blood was drawn from me for TB, HIV and everything.

Are we fine? Yes, we are. I was so glad that again, I heard Dannielle's heartbeat. She even kicked when the doctor manipulated that tool on my tummy. She was so cooperative as the doctor said. My tummy's measurement was perfect. We just have to wait for the lab test result on Monday.


Lerlyn said…
Oi Lir, hapit na jud ka makaraos!!Lir, wait baya kog mag langoy2x ang baby sa tiyan ba kana gud makita jud nimo sa imo tummy far wala pa jud ba.

Ma huna2x ko sauna tong d pa ta buntis na mag sabay tag buntis, nauna ra ka gamay.hehe!

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