A baby boy causes depression for moms?

If this is true, then I am glad as I am having a baby girl. My husband worries about me having a severe postpartum depression after I give birth to our angel. I do always tell him not to worry. I will try to hold or handle it. We will, with his help. So far, this doesn't affect me as I haven't heard from new moms (friends) about this. I hope I won't.

I was checking my e-mail and found this information on the main page of MSN. Please click child's gender factors into postpartum depression to read the whole article of Lisa Farino.


meg said…
hi lira, i dont think it matter if ur having a boy or girl, although i didnt have a baby girl yet.. hehehe (but i hope) but they're just baby's who wanted to be love and be loved. Im sure the rest of the mommys who had baby boys will agree with me, i think its all the same.. Anyway thanks for sharing this.. and goodluck on your big day, im excited for you... Dont worry im sure everything will turn out fine, if u have any question when it comes to motherhood, im no expert but i could be of service to you... heres my ym (megkimmel818@yahoo.com) so that we can chat sometime also,, love to get to know you more.. and i just love prenant woman... enjoy your pregnancy... ;)
Marichu said…
Don't worry all well be alright eat healthy food and rest as you can para you and baby are comfortable and healthy!
poray said…
dli depression dai oi, tension ug highblood pressure lol..kron na nuon ni nga mobile na ako baby boy saon pataka lng saka2 bisan asa mahadlok ko mahulog simbako..
Dana said…
Hi Lira! Ofcourse you know that I have a baby boy. I agree with Meg, it doesn't matter if your baby's a girl or a boy, its just the same...Just want to share my experience as a brand new Mommy. I have had my postpartum depression for about a little over a week only. It was hard at first, you know sleepless nights, I just cry alot. But with the comfort of my very loving and supportive husband, I managed to overcome my depression...And ofcourse, I always have the "heart" of being a Mommy, so its easy for me to do everything for Daniel.. Seeing his face, holding him, made me feel better too, and made me the proudest & happiest Mommy ever, hehe!
Enjoy your pregnancy, take extra care...


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