Baby in the basket

Isn't it cute? I always look at this picture. This niece of mine loves to be in the basket, pail and or anything that she's stuck in it.

She looks so happy but she's poor. Her parents left her when she was still a month old. Louise is my niece by my brother. My bro really didn't leave her for good. It just so happen that he's a military and have no choice but to serve. He goes home once or twice a year which makes them see each other rarely. He can't take care of the baby as well. My brother's gf, Louise' mom never came back to see her. She said she'll be back in a week to take care of something in Manila and never did.

Louise will be a year old this July. Glad my parents are taking care of this sweet lil girl. She's just lucky enough she's the first grandchild. Everybody is delighted of having her.


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