Ouchhh!... my back

This is it! What I've been expecting since has come. My back is really hurting. I know it has something to do with pregnancy. My baby is getting heavier as well as my breasts. Before, I can sleep with just a pillow under my head but not anymore nowadays. I have two pillows to elevate my back and head. It helps though. Still have over 2 months to sacrifice. After that...let's see. No more back pains but I know it'll be more than that.


Dana said…
its very normal day... try laying your back flat on the floor or bed, then put your legs up..that's what i did before and it really helped me alot! also, i love my husband's gentle massage,wow,it was heaven!!!
Lourdz said…
ing-ana diay na pag-preggy? aguy! unsaon n lang...bitaw dai Lira pag-ayo-ayo dha..ganahan kaau ko sa imong music, gimingaw nuon ko sa akong mama.

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