Am I lucky? (lol)

Well, as usual, I'm here again facing my computer to catch some opportunities. Lucky enough, I caught kinda big fishes which I think is right enough as a payment for not getting much these past few days. True enough, everyday is not a lucky day in Payperpost if your pagerank is nothing but zero. I hope I could get pageranks as well while I'm still free...not giving birth yet coz when that time comes, I'm sure less opps would be given to me.

Gotta go for now peeps. Have to catch more opps to fill the vacant slots.


gigi said…
congrats ading lira maau kay nakuha nimo ang contest.God bless you
lira said…
thanks te ghi
wITChy Boop said…
U deserved that Mare.
I believed in you. Kaya more luckssss!!!
mylou said…
hi Lira.. congratulation!!! weeeee I wonder when can I earn that much???!!!
Em said…
ohlala! congratz mamalira...:)

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