5 stars blog award

An award from a supermodel mom, Vannie. Thank you so much for awarding this blog. I think this is the first award this blog could ever have, if I'm not mistaken.

Of course, I don't want this award to just stay or sleep here. This should be forwarded as well to appreciate others effort on updating their pages.

I'd like to award my friends Elda, del, buzzing around, chechay, del, gerThy, gigi, ging, gmunchkin, gracey, jana, jenn, jet, joy, kate ashley, julai, lisa, liza, lourdz, marichu, myLou, nina, pinaymama 2, poray, shimumsy, tricia, twerlyn and utah mommy- mommy's gibble gabbles.


shimumsy said…
thanks for the award. i did it already but i will add your name on it.
have a great day.
Joymcs said…
hello mama lira, thanks sa tag sis! Have a nice day!!! Ingat buntis!

jenn_US said…
thanks for this ever award award, girl! im gonna post it now.
Liza said…
salamat po sa award! you are so sweet. *hugs*
Lerlyn said…
Lamat Lir..dugay nako wa kadawat ug award ba hehe!
Anonymous said…
hello mommy Lir, thanks kau sa award, ako na gidala, take good care:)

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