Happy Mother's day!

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It's the day to honor our moms --friends, our own moms and mommies who are valuable to us.

I'm not a mommy yet...sooner I will be. I am delighted for I received messages from my friends and many thanks to them.

Weeks ago, I sent a pretty Mother's day card to my mama in the Philippines. I hope she already have it by now. It was sent early to ensure it will arrive on time. I didn't tell anyone in the family about such surprise. I also ordered a dozen of flowers for her.

For Chad's mom, we bought a card and we'll give it to her anyday now or tomorrow.

I also greeted some of my friends in the Philippines thru e-mails.

Simple greetings mean so much!


wITChy Boop said…
Very sweet Mare.
Dana said…
Thanks for the greeting Lira! I appreciate it..

You'll be a Mommy soon so Happy Mother's Day too!!!
Em said…
Hi mamalira happy moms day to U...
Lerlyn said…
ka swerte jud sa imong pamilya nimo Lir oi! Labi na imong mama..ako intawon nag tawag ra ko sa iya. =)

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