(baby shower)

I am thankful for we had a baby shower thrown by Chad's family and friends. Feels great being loved and supported by these people. The stuff that we got is really a big help to us especially the bags of diapers. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's good for months of use. We all know how expensive that thing is. With that, we'll be able to save. Also, we got clothings, toys and more. Baby Dannielle's room is so crowded now.


Lara said…
Wow! daghana gifts oi!! ready najud si Mamalira. I'm sure excited napud si Baby Dannielle.
Em said…
wow! thats god u got alot ky ang newborn kalas au diaper, change about 6-8 times a day tpos mahal raba au diaper:)
Anonymous said…
Diapers are very useful its a good gift idea. Got tag for you girl!
Dana said…
Baby Dannielle was showered with lots of love and gifts!!!
babyjet said…
Mama Lira,

Unsa man imong address diha? Or IM me here Lir.

Thanks sa Tag!

Ingat u!

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