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* First real job: Teacher-Librarian
* First screen name: Lira
* First funeral: ambot..talawerts ko ana
* First pet: nothin. Not fond of pets.
* First piercing: Ear piercing
* First tattoo: I don’t have one.
* First credit card: mastercard
* First kiss: 50 years old (lol)
* First enemy: Can't remember.
* Last car ride: Yesterday
* Last kiss: Hubby

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Lerlyn said…
salamat sa aning tag lir..akoa na i-post soon..

giatay na bitaw ang mga gapanghatag ug kwarta kadaghan na cguro ilang tagaan, nabahin na ang tanang kayamanan nila..haay
Vannie said…
thanks for posting lira!

added ur 3 blogs in my blogroll na pla...:)
jenn_US said…
mamalira, tenks sa tag, hehe. duha mo nagtag nako ani. ill mention u both. take care.

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