Twins for Brangelina

Yes it's no longer a rumor. The Pitts had revealed. Brad Pitt finally confirmed that Angelina is indeed expecting twins. The twins will be the fifth and sixth children of the Pitts. Surely, these babies are worth millions when they come out. For all we know, offers are over the sky just to take photos. Such lucky babies.

It must be nice to be celebrities' children, eh?

photo source


Em said…
lucky them they gonna have twins... wish i can have 2 girl twins but dont know if my body can handle ..hehehe
Anonymous said…
mao gyud kay pag-anak pa lang daan, milyonaro na ka kay automatic man naa bayad sa picture lang hehe:)
Lara said…
pagka swerte nalang jud sa ila baby....
shimumsy said…
lucky are those babies they adopted. what a life they have now.

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