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Monday, May 12, 2008

I Have the Best Mom in the World

A tag from Twerlyn, thank you so much ler for tagging me!

You too can tell why your mom is the best by simple posting your reasons and don't forget to add your link! Spread this tag and tell the world that you have the Best Mom.

1. Bregie - her love for us is endless.

2. Bing - for us she is more than perfect!

3. Twerlyn - Because she loves me unconditionally.

4. Tasteful voyage , A mom's note - raising her six children the best she could and now, her grandchild.

I am tagging Elda, cheerful, em, flor, kate ashley, sophia and vannie.


Vannie said...

thanks ani lira! mana na nako post hehe


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