Walking while pregnant

Eversince I got pregnant, I've always been told by my own mother and mommy friends to walk as my exercise. Afraid of giving birth, this advice is being followed by me. It is said that walking helps or ease' labor. We all know that walking is really a great exercise and this is even better for pregnant women.

To support my entry, I made my own research.

Walking for pregnant. It is a low-impact workout that can help keep your muscles toned as well as keep your joints and muscles around your uterus toned in order to help labor along, and help labor move faster. Here are some tips to be considered when walking : Wear Comfortable Shoes. If you know you are going to be outside walking all day, be sure that you are wearing tennis shoes that are comfortable to walk in, and not sandals, flip flops, or other shoes that offer no support. Take a Chair to Sit In. Everyone gets tired eventually while walking. While pregnant, you are likely to become tired and need a rest much more quickly than a non-pregnant woman. If you are doing an outside activity where there may not be adequate seating provided like an air show, street fair, or festival be sure to take your own chair with you, especially later in pregnancy. You want to have the ability to sit when you need to whether it is for 5 minutes or 30, and rest so that you can get back up and keep going. If you are walking around indoors, perhaps at a mall, be sure to sit down and rest on a bench when you feel the need. If you give your body a little time to recharge, you are more likely to be able to last all day. Take Sunscreen. No one likes to be sunburned, and sunburn is even worse when you are pregnant, especially later in pregnancy. You may already be uncomfortable and have problems sleeping, but trying to sleep with a sunburn could make you miserable. If you are going to be walking around outside, be sure to take plenty of sunscreen with you. Drink a Lot of Water.
Whether you are out in the heat or inside, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Be sure to drink a lot of water. Try to stay away from sodas and other carbonated beverages that will dehydrate you and take away your energy. Water will help your body stay cool as well as help to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. If you are prone to having Braxton Hicks contractions, it will also help these slow down or reduce their intensity.
Know When to Call it Quits. Don't push yourself or try to do more than you can. If you simply feel that you can not keep going, you need to cancel your plans, and listen to your body. Your friends and family will understand. It is important not to overdo it or stress your body out too much, especially if you are not used to being out and walking all day. Remember to listen to your body and your instinct to do what is right for both you and your baby. source


Dana-Debbie said…
Hi Lira! Its true, walking helps alot!

Btw, I would love to share with you what to do when you're already in "labor". Its very very effective. If you're interested, just let me know ok? But im sorry, can't write it down here..." secret lang " I can write it down through YM... :) Just want to help you my friend....My little boy's playmate's mama, hehe! Smile.. :)

Anne said…
Miga, pag lakaw-lakaw gyud. thnaks for dropping by best ha ug pag leave ug comments. God bless

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