Baby for sale : 1 euro

As a soon-to-be-mom and as a human as well, my heart cries everytime I hear or read news about juvenile abuse. Just this morning, I came across this article about a couple selling their baby on ebay for 1 euro. How could they? Is that how cheap they think of a baby's life would cost? I can't even imagine hurting my own child or any living creatures. Baby's mom said it was a joke but then it's still an abuse in a latter sense.

Anyway, just read the article.

Here's an excerpt...
Authorities in southern Germany have taken custody of a 7-month-old boy after his parents posted an ad on eBay offering to sell him for one euro, or about $1.60. Read full story here.


I think what they did was really stupid. :( It is sad there are people who are too selfish.
Mitch said…
She must be real crazy! Haaay!
Lerlyn said…
pastilan jud na inahan na lahi sa iring tingali na..

Lir tag for you
Z'riz said…
ahhh! grabe no?!

they really don't deserve to be parents...i don't think you would joke about that on the net would you?!

thanks for the info! :)

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